Swami Shankar Teerth

Timeline Deceased
Nationality Indian
Disciple of Bhagavan Nityananda
Non-lineage initiations Initiated as a swami by the Shankaracarya of Jagannathpuri. Was offered the Shankaracharya seat but declined.
Samadhi Shrine Opposite the Vajreshwari temple and next to the Nath Mandir. It is managed by devotee Bal Krishna. According to a local legend the great yogis Matsyendranth and Gorakhnath are buried nearby in Samadhi shrines built by Bhagawan Nityananda.
In a nutshell Was already a swami and a spiritual teacher when he met Bhagavan Nityananda who told him to stay in nearby Vajreshwari at the Nath Mandir. He did, and became Nityananda’s disciple until his death, shortly after Bhagavan’s.
Swami Shankar Teerth (right)
with Bhagavan Nityananda