Govind Swami

Timeline d. 1994
Nationality Indian
Disciple of Bhagavan Nityananda
Non-lineage initiations Sannyasa
Samadhi Shrine Bhiwali, India.
In a nutshell Knew Bhagavan from childhood. As a Nambudiri Brahmin (the most orthodox Brahmins in India) he had a lot of pride. To deal with his ego, Bhagavan sent him to a slaughterhouse, which violated his caste training. Through this surrender he advanced spiritually. Had his own following. People built an ashram for him at Anagaon. Left it after a few years and built a small hermitage for himself at Bhiwali, on the outskirts of Ganeshpuri. His samadhi shrine is located there.
Publications Param Poojya Govind Swami (biography).
Govind Swami