Swami Ganeshananda (Norway)

Timeline b. 1944
Nationality American (Norwegian by birth)
Disciple of Rudrananda and long-time student of Swami Chetanananda
Non-lineage initiations Sannyasa in 2008 from Swami Chetanananda.
Main ashram Oslo, Norway and a number of centres in Europe.
Organisation Rudra Meditation Center
In a nutshell Met Rudi at an early age and continued his studies under Swami Chetanananda, living for many years in his ashrams. In 1976, Swami Chetanananda asked him to teach, giving him sannyasa in 2008. Ganeshananda was previously a professor of education and later a consultant and trainer in industry. He established the Rudra Meditation Center in 2009.
Publications Freedom From The Web of Karma (in Norwegian)
Links Rudra Meditation Center
Swami Ganeshananda