Digambar Swami

Timeline d. 1982
Nationality Indian
Disciple of Bhagavan Nityananda
Non-lineage initiation Sannyasa
Samadhi Shrine His former ashram in Ganeshpuri, which is now attended by Prabhavati Joshi who met him in 1963.
In a nutshell Born in Goa he received an MA degree and worked in the armed forces. A devotee initially of Upasani Baba who sent him to Bhagawan Nityananda. Left there to take sannyasa. He knew Kannada, Marathi and English and wrote devotional songs in all three languages. He wrote a biography of Bhagavan Nityananda in English. After building an ashram in Satpati in the Palghar Taluka he moved to Ganeshpuri where he built a small ashram, which included a Dattatreya and Ganesh temple. He lived in that ashram for 30 years and today it is his Samadhi shrine.
Publications The Sage of Ganeshpuri
Portrait of:
Digambar Swami