Swami Chetanananda

Timeline b. 1948
Nationality American
Disciple of Rudi
Lineage initiations Sannyasa initiation in 1978 from Baba Muktananda.
Other initiations Holds a Tibetan Buddhist lineage.
Main ashram Portland, Oregon, USA. Has centres in Santa Monica, California, New York City, Boston, Seattle, and a retreat and research centre in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Organisation The Movement Center
In a nutshell Met Rudi at an early age. After Rudi’s death he became a main successor. He developed ashrams in Bloomington, Indiana, Ann Arbor, Michigan and Cambridge, Massachusetts, finally settling in Portland, Oregon, where he has a thriving ashram and community. Emphasis on Kashmir Shaivism, hatha yoga, Buddhist Tantra. Participated in the Three Gurus programs in 2004-2006.

See: Disciples of Swami Chetanananda
Publications Dynamic Stillness (Kashmir Shaivism) and many others.
Links The Movement Center
Swami Chetanananda