Other teachers

Scholar yogis

  • Douglas Renfrew Brooks
  • Paul Eduardo Muller-Ortega
  • William K Mahony
  • Constantina Rhodes Bailly
  • S.P. Sabaratnam
  • Gabriel Pradiipaka

Hatha yogis

Sankalpa initiates

It is impossible to give a complete listing of the disciples of a great Siddha Guru like Bhagavan Nityananda. Such a being can awaken seekers from a long distance by a mere thought (sankalpa initiation). Nor does Bhagavan Nityananda’s initiating power end at his physical death, hence the phenomenon of posthumous disciples. Other gurus in the lineage have these powers as well.

The teachers that follow never met their Guru in physical form. They were awakened by means of dream, vision or meditative experience, either after the Guru’s death or at a great distance.

There is another category we could call ‘Gupta’ (secret) disciples in which, for reasons known only to themselves, both the Guru and disciple keep their connection hidden. Thus, there may be many yogis whose connection with this (or any) lineage will never be known.

Quotation from the Chidakash Gita