Swami Nirmalananda

Timeline b. 1946
Nationality American
Disciple of Baba Muktananda
Lineage initiations Sannyasa initiation from Swami Shankarananda, 2009.
Main ashram Svaroopa Vidya Ashram
Organisation Master Yoga Foundation
In a nutshell Swami Nirmalananda is the founder of Master Yoga Foundation and creator of Svaroopa yoga and Svaroopa Vidya. She met Baba Muktananda in 1977 and spent many years living and serving in Siddha Yoga ashrams. She cofounded and is supporting the continued growth of the Ganeshpuri Music School and the new Kerala Ayurvedic Clinic.
Publications Yoga in Every Moment, Yoga: Inside and Outside
Swami Nirmalananda