Shops and services in Ganeshpuri

Puja items on display

Banking, changing money

There is now an ATM in Ganeshpuri. There are also small branches of the Bank of Baroda and Bank of Maharashtra, offering limited services to travellers.

If you do not want to use your card, bring the major foreign currencies (US dollars, Euros) in cash or traveller's cheques as the local banks do not always have exchange rates for other currencies. You may need to make a trip to Mumbai or Vasai to change other currencies.

Internet services

There is no Internet cafe in town. You may be able to get access at Rosy's guest house.

You can buy an Indian SIM card with Internet access, or a USB dongle for your laptop. Both are available in Ganeshpuri, but you'll need photocopies of your passport, visa and a passport photo. It can take 4-5 days for your card/dongle to be activated.

Postal services

The Ganeshpuri Post Office will handle postage of letters and postcards. You will need to go to Vasai or Mumbai to send parcels.

Restaurants, food

There are a couple of restaurants and chai stalls in the village. Some guest houses can provide meals even if you are not staying with them.

Laundry, ironing

There are laundry/ironing services available in the village. Some hotels and guest houses offer these services.

Clothes, tailors

There are several tailors in town who can make made-to-measure clothes (including sarees, Punjabi suits and kurta pyjamas), or mend any items for you.

Puja supplies

Many shops in Ganeshpuri sell a wide range of puja items. There are also garland sellers close to the temple.